Jacqueline Rifkin

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Bloch School of Management
University of Missouri–Kansas City


My research explores the role of consumption in enhancing (or detracting from) consumer well-being. Currently, I am interested in the interrelations between time, decision-making, and well-being.

I received my PhD in Marketing from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in Spring 2020. Prior to graduate school, I received a BA in Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and worked in both the marketing and market research industries.

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  • Time and Time Perceptions
  • Consumer Well-Being
  • Experiential Consumption
  • Consumer Self-Expression


Publications and Accepted Papers
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline R. and Jordan Etkin (2019), “Variety in Self-Expression Undermines Self-Continuity,” Journal of Consumer Research, 46(4), 725-49.
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline*, Katherine M. Du*, and Jonah Berger (2020), "Penny for Your Preferences: Leveraging Self-Expression to Encourage Small Prosocial Gifts," Journal of Marketing.
    • Equal first authors
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline and Jonah Berger (forthcoming), "How Nonconsumption Can Turn Ordinary Items into Treasures," Journal of the Association of Consumer Research.
Working Papers
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline, Kelley M. Wight, and Keisha M. Cutright, "How Resource Constraints Shape Self-Gifting," invited first-round revision at Journal of Consumer Research.
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline, Rebecca Ponce de Leon, and Rick Larrick, "They're Everywhere! Symbolic Threat Increases Perceived Group Pervasiveness," invited first-round revision at Psychological Science.
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline, Cindy Chan, and Barbara E. Kahn, "FOMO: How the Fear of Missing Out Leads to Missing Out," working paper.
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline, Cindy Chan, and Barbara E. Kahn, "When Keeping Up Feels Like Missing Out: Social-Media Induced FOMO Increases Consumers' Engagement Intentions," working paper.
Research In Progress
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline, Francesca Valsesia, and Keisha M. Cutright, "'The Same Thing Happened to Me': Exploring Divergent Brand Outcomes of Experience Ubiquity," data collection in progress.
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline, Katherine M. Du, and Keisha M. Cutright, "Consuming Spontaneity," data collection in progress.
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline, Anja Schanbacher, and Nazli Gurdamar, "Self-Continuity and Reminders of Past Experiences," data collection in progress.