Jacqueline Rifkin

PhD Candidate, Marketing
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University


I am a PhD candidate in Marketing at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

I am interested in the factors that promote happiness from consumer experiences. In particular, I examine various factors influencing consumers' meaning and pleasure evaluations, as well as how these evaluations affect downstream choices and psychological well-being.

Prior to joining Duke’s Marketing PhD program, I received a BA in Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and worked in both the marketing and market research industries.


  • PhD in Marketing, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, expected 2020
  • BA in Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, 2011


  • Consumer Experiences
  • Meaning, Pleasure, and Consumer Well-Being
  • Self-Expressive Consumption


  • Rifkin, Jacqueline and Jordan Etkin, "How Variety in Self-Expression Undermines Self-Continuity," invited revision at Journal of Consumer Research.
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline, Cindy Chan, and Barbara E. Kahn, "FOMO: How the Fear of Missing Out Leads to Missing Out," working paper.
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline*, Katherine M. Crain*, and Jonah Berger, "Penny for Your Preferences: Leveraging Self-Expression to Increase Prosocial Giving," working paper.
    • Equal first authors
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline and Jonah Berger, "How Ordinary Items Become Treasures," working paper.
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline and Keisha M. Cutright, "Antecedents of Valuing Spontaneity in Consumer Experiences," data collection in progress.
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline, Cindy Chan, and Barbara E. Kahn, "The Effect of FOMO-Inducing Content on Brand Relationships," data collection in progress.
  • Rifkin, Jacqueline, Francesca Valsesia, and Keisha M. Cutright, "'The Same Thing Happened to Me': Exploring the Dual Opposing Consequences of Story Ubiquity," data collection in progress.